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going, going [25 Dec 2003|09:05pm]
[ mood | leaving. on a jet plane. ]

I'm moving my journal.

Since all my pictures have been blasphemed by snapfish and 'cos of some other stuff, I'm changing my home for my wafflings. You're going to have to mail me to get the new address, that way I see those who care and read and can be bothered to make any kind of effort, and those who don't. Clever no?

No. Thought not.

Anyway, I'll see some of you here, some of you there, and some of you at siren__song or something.

It's been good fun, hasn't it?

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[25 Dec 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | gorged on sweet, sweet turkey ]

I got an audiobook of Midshipman Hornblower, read by Ioan Gruiffod. He's Welsh.

Boy am I glad that Jesus was born!

Hah. How I jest. Christmas was actually really great, with family and niceness and turkey and general love and fun. How nice it is to have a fairly stable family life.

I now have (amongst other things) three pairs of striped over-the-knee socks to wear with my skate shorts, a blow gun, an abundance of small choclately type arrangements, some wind up snails that have something to do with alcohol, and the aforementioned audiobook. My tape deck doesn't actually work, but I don't suppose that should stop me.

I promise to make this thing more interesting soon.


++ Oh yes. I have a really, really good teeshirt. Pictures will come back after new year I expect. Anyone any ideas on where I can host them without being a.) sued or b.) given lots of "this image is hosted by us: we're great" pictures? Thanking you.

I need more turkey.

+++ Shoot. More stuff. I'm not re-installing messenger after witnessing the tempestuous end of my computer the last time. I have too much shit to do all the time, and most of it doesn't get done because of my procrastinations. So if you feel the urge to talk to me or something, mail me and I'll get back to you.

Right. I'm really going now.

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[20 Dec 2003|05:47pm]
[ mood | christmassy ]

My computer died last week. This wasn't just a "It shut down unexpectedly" affair, it properly died. I haven't updated in a while because I haven't had a HDD or OS installed, or even a computer that turned on for that matter, so that hindered me somewhat. I have family down for a few days, so I'll give you a proper update when I fix the computer and have a bit of time on my hands.

Hope you're all well.

+++ The new Metro song is the best thing ever. I adore it. Siren Song will rock all of your socks. Bli'zort.

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[14 Dec 2003|06:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I head-butted Luke right in the eye yesterday. I feel really awful about it. I think he's going to spike me in revenge when I'm least expecting it. Crud.

Things with Georgia rock. She bought the best hat I've ever seen, and she makes me feel all warm inside. I'm wearing one of her teeshirts, and it's really, really tight. She also gave me some of her black eyeliner she doesn't use. What a girl. What. A. Girl.


I bought some Christmas presents with money I haven't even been paid with yet, and that feels good I tell you. Gooood!

I'm watching Edward Scissorhands and it makes me cry.

+++ Oh, and we captured Saddam Hussain. Woo fucking Hoo.

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[10 Dec 2003|07:56pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Today, Luke and I had corresponding free periods. This is always bad news for everyone as we get up to many many evil-doings. The lucky recipient on this occaision was Eddie, who should know better than to leave his bag and all his belongings in the common room.

...and now, a complicated equation.

2 Miscreants + Eddie's stuff + One Chair + Two Tables + Copius amounts of tape + jumping = Eddies stuff stuck 12 feet up on the wall + Lots of fun for all involved.

Lizzy, the "new girl" helped us cut the tape. She's warming to our ways quite nicely now. The final tally was two chocolate bars, a packet of crisps, an apple, a lunchbox, his planner and his keys, all way way up high. It was frankly hilarious. When Soph replies to me on MSN I'll get you a photo. It'll go here.

I have a psychology mock tomorrow, and I'm currently obstaining from revising. It's a polictical thing.

Fight the power with me y0.

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surveytastic. [08 Dec 2003|12:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

...and he follows the trend like the trendiest of trendy people. It's survey-tastic.

The Final CoundownCollapse )

If I were a...Collapse )

I'm on the mend everyone. My lungs no longer feel like they have the capacity of a tennis ball and I have regained my ability to walk, so I'm somewhat of a happy bunny. It's Tomma's birthday today, which I am a little dismayed I have missed due to being off school, but I'll make sure to give him a big hug tomorrow, hopefully that'll make up for it.

I haven't got anything more to say, other than I've reinstalled my digital camera so I'll be able to do more picture updates soon. Stay tuned folks.

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for fucking fucks sake. [05 Dec 2003|07:11pm]
[ mood | enough already! ]

Can't breathe. Can't walk. Can't move. This fucking sucks. Anyone got any lungs for sale?

Tom came round with Soph and Lorna in their free earlier to see if I was OK. I love my friends.

I wonder if TBS had any idea of just how tired someone can be of being sick?

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can't you tell I'm having trouble breathing.. [03 Dec 2003|08:09pm]
[ mood | wheezy ]

The goshdarned evil strain of cold/flu/sore throat/coughing doom has come back around with a vengence, and hence I am rather ill.

For the last few days I've been feeling like someone had been pumelling my head with a brick and had been sanding down my throat with an extremely abrasive material. However, now that feeling has gone. It has been replaced with the breathless, wheezy panic of hardcore asthma, leaving me wishing I could just stay (propped up) in bed. Alas, Media Studies and the planning of our film beckoned, so I lugged my sorry ass into school.

The film is turning out pretty well, at least what we have so far. The brief is to create the opening five minutes of a thriller movie, including the titles. You'd be amazed how many groups made a 5 minute long film last year, so the plot ran itself all the way through. Crazy fuckers. So far, we're thinking of doing a period vampire piece. I think I'm going to be playing the single vampire victim in the scene, so I get to be all made up to be dead with bruises and scratches and blood and junk. Also, it means I have to take my shirt off. Which is cool. I love this co-directing lark.

I've been thinking a little harder about going to Uni. I want to do journalism in the long run, so that I can use my "gift for words" to make some money, but I'm planning to leave that for now, and get the best possible degree I can at a super respected uni, and then follow it with a professional journalism course. Right now, I'm thinking of trying to take an Economics degree at Oxford or Cambridge. Comments anyone?

My new thing is working on my music. I've taken up the piano again due to my almost constant regret of giving it up a few years ago, and I'm really working on my composition for both bass and guitar. What I'm working towards is being able to record songs that are entirely of my own making, something that I'm proud of, something that I created myself.

The stuff I've done so far is so incredibly different from everything I've ever written before, it has so many levels and is really rather cool. Most shocking of all, some of it's in 3:4 time. The hardest part to deal with is knowing that there are people (yes, even cool people like you bunch) who will really not dig the stuff that I'm making right now. When you write pop-punk-plod-rock songs, most alternative listeners can listen to it without barfing every now and then, but this shit, you either love it or loathe it. Personally, I love it, but then again, I did write it. If you want an idea of where I'm going with my influences, check out some Desparecidos, Flaming Lips, Paper Chase, Kyuss, Favez, and even Bright Eyes to some extent, although much weirder. For now though, I like it, and that's all that matters.

Creative control really is the best thing in the world.

I've been avoiding the Coke christmas advert like the plauge. Vinnie was right, once you've seen that, Christmas is here, so I run to the hills whenever it starts.

I'm able to work some overtime in the christmas holidays. I'm not turning my nose up at £50 for a day or so's work. Money to Burrrrrrn. Anyway. Here's the stuff I want. (Chance of getting item [probably paid for by self] listed in brackets)


+ Sony Atrac CD/MP3 player (7)
+ Digital Video Camera (0)
+ Apple Mac iBook (-3)
+ Blank CDs (9)
+ Tape deck for stereo system (2)
+ MP3 Jukebox (discounting Sony Atrac, 8)
+ PS2 repair (9)
+ Tony Hawk's: Underground (6)


+ Chili Peppers @ Slane Castle DVD (4)
+ Alk3 DVD (4)
+ Pirates Of The Carribean DVD (9)
+ Thrice & Coheed and Cambria tickets (7)
+ Brand New & Straylight Run & Moneen tickets (10. Linz. Wheee!)
+ Kazaa to work again (5)
+ WinMX to be better if Kazaa kicks it altogether (5)
+ Bugger load of CD's (9)


+ Brown Cords (8)
+ New Trainers. White. Velcro. Three Straps. (10)
+ Assorted Hoodies (7)
+ Nice hat (8)
+ More boxer shorts dammit (10)
+ Baggy Jeans, without the arse-rippage (7)


+ Sweet lovin' (1)
+ Drummer for The Metro (7)
+ To be better in time for Crimbo (9)
+ Musical ability (2)

....and that's about all folks.

+++ Oh yeah. I think I broke my index finger on my right hand. I'm pretty sure that's what the swelling and brusing means.

Goddamned fragile bonestructure. *Shakes Fist*

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rar [27 Nov 2003|07:04pm]
[ mood | annoyed with evil pic hosts ]

So yeah, Snapfish has gone screwy. So the pics are gone, and so is the background.

I'll sort it out soon.

Tell me a secret...

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you could call it disjointed. [25 Nov 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | incoherant ]


Linz, my most ghetto of nubian sistahhhs has informed me I must update, because she misses my own specific brand of black on black violence. Uh, I mean, my own specific brand of comedy writing.


Sorry. Got distracted talking to Vinny.

Tim says:
I'm trying to catch up on it as we spea
Tim says:
Tim says:
See, that was in serialised form, for added enjoyment. And added riboflavin (35% of RDA)
Vinny says:
Thank you.
Tim says:
Now go eat some fucking whole grain cereal before you keel over.
Vinny says:
That would be a good slogan for shredded wheat.

He makes me chuckle.


One IE window crash later and I'm back, but still holding down too many conversations at the same time. For no apparent reason, I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen, and kind of bobbing along, somtimes in time, and sometimes not. If my ghetto homies find this out, they'll do something unpleasant to me, possibly involving their nines.


Never trust a man in a bow-tie. The traditional tie is vertical, and is meant to accentuate the genitals, so what do you have to gain from a man who wants to accentuate his ears?

My life is pretty good right now. Work is proving to be an extremely easy way to earn rather more money than I'm accustomed to. I want to start wearing an eye patch like a scary janitor, but they told me I can only wear an eye patch if I lose the eye on the premises. I weighed it up and decided it wasn't worth it.

According to my little red-light-district lover, it's a month today since I asked her to not laugh whilst I asked her to be my girlfriend. We're talking long term here people! Heh. Best news is, she's still making me extremely happy whenever I'm talking to her, and thinking of her, and being with her, and I am enjoying our time together an immense amount.

I listened to some Pretty Girls Make Graves for the first time today. They're playing Bristol soon, so I though I should investigate further. Overall, I was impressed with what I heard. It's a little something like what we might sound like if we had a drummer and were more committed. Oh yeah, and we don't have any keyboards, but that's only a minor detail.


You know that noise that lobsters make when you boil them? Well, my computer now does it almost permanently, which is a little worrying. I sink I need a new processor, so if anyone has something around 1.6 Ghz handy, I'd appreciate you posting it to me. Bloody XP is more harm than good.

Speaking of. Ever since I de-userised the computer, my Dad has been searching for evidence I've been looking at gay porn to back up his "My son is a gaylord" theories. Being the antagonistic sort, I've started leaving notepad files titled 'gay.txt' on the desktop, and pictures like 'hotguy.jpg' and 'suck.jpg' in the shared documents folder. What's better is, I know he's been opening them. They all just say "Keep looking brah" in nice big type. That'll learn him.

Well, the computer has informed me it can no longer cope with my over use of RAM and has stopped working, so I'll just copy this to notepad, and come back in 15 or so and finish it off. Cripes.


Computer is back. Many apple-ohgese for the inconweinience (any Blackadder fans in the house?) is what it would say if it didn't hate me with a vehemence. Still, at least I can update now.

Sorry to all the people I was talking to and left so rudely. Feel free to post me rotten vegetables and decrepit family members.

I'm done now.

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just 13 more for a full on golf course. [22 Nov 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | chilly in the breeze ]

I ripped a hole across the ass of one of my pairs of jeans. That takes the grand total of holes to 5. Both knees, right thigh, left pocket, and the newly created, Bon-Jovi esque bum-rip.

It gets mighty cold through here in the winter times.

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The mind! It Boggles! [20 Nov 2003|06:05pm]
[ mood | finished, at long long last ]

Dear Microsoft people,

Your latest version of windows, XP, is an absolute motherfucker. Thankyou for making my installation time so stressful and overtly angsty.

Bruises to everyone concerned,

After 912 rounds, the skinny git eventually came through on points. It was a real battle y'all.

...and you even get a haiku
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[16 Nov 2003|06:52pm]
[ mood | scared shiznitless ]

Erm, if I dissapear for a long long time, be dismayed, but please don't think I have a.) died or b.) become too cool for livejournal.

It goes down like this:

I'm trying to update my computer to Windows XP for general convienience and stuff, and if this doesn't work, it may take a while to make this hunk 'a junk workin' again. It's a risky venture. I may lose all my music, videos and pictures, but then again, I may be lucky, and end up with a more functional computer and be able to flick off microsoft for beating the living heck that is ME.

I hope to high fuck this works. Cross your fingers for me.


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leaving, in a van. [14 Nov 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | vacationing ]

Going away for a few. I'll catch up with you all when I get back, sometime Monday I expect.

Take care everyone.

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cleanliness operative. [13 Nov 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | ki'zoool y0 ]

I have joined the working world. Yes, you read correctly, I, Timmy the wonderboy, have a job.

I'm a cleaner at my school, and for £5.32 an hour you can laugh at me all you want, it's an incredible rate. I clean four science labs and a lobby, for 9 hours a week. This should get me around £200 a month, which is hella enough to live on, especially spending in the way I've become accustomed to, which you could call somewhat stingy.

I listened to Planet Smashers all day today. In Psychology, in the common room, whilst I juggled, and when I was working. I skanked whilst I cleaned, which I'm sure must have been rather entertaining to watch.

Linz's new site is up and functioning, may I reccommend you all download the Timfoolery video, and laugh at my breakdancing, be-bopping, club singing and screeches of pain. Also, there are some good fun photos. Go, go now!

My newest project is my photography site, which I should have up sometime soon. I've got myself hosted, and have enough photos to start up, so it's a case of getting back into the swing of designing webpages, and I'll be away.

Watch this space nizlets.

+ Oh yes, new icon. <33.

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Fabulous [09 Nov 2003|08:31pm]
[ mood | emo ]

My girlfriend lives in the ghetto.


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So. [08 Nov 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | musically inspired ]

I have been a busy little trooper.

Band practise was a little slow last night. Chris was supposed to come along to learn a few songs in a push to record, but he forgot, and hence didn't have a kit to play on. This meant we didn't want to use the hall, so we packed all the stuff into Luke's front room and launched into the stuff we knew. We had a crack at working on more depth in "Feel free to bleed me dry", and we got a little way further with some of the others, but none of our hearts were really in it; Linz was having sound problems, and I was somewhat distracted by the abilty to sit down and play. Mental note to self: Don't play in the general vacinity of chairs, it sucks the energy out of everything.

My week has been jam packed full of doing stuff. I'd tell you all about it, but my fingers hurt, and I can't type as quickly as usual. I suppose I should explain that. Hmmn.

My fingers are hurting because my day today has consisted of tearing up the fingers on my right hand rocking the funk bass along with RATM, my boy Vin (publicenemyno1) will tell you how much slap bass blisters hurt. It's white pain, serious like.

I'd better make this a big entry, because when these blisters come up, I won't be able to type at all. Guess I'm gonna be playing an awful lot of Champ.

In my desperate gropings for new and interesting music, I've been mindlessly scrolling through page upon page of Amazon "You might also like..." pages, and to their credit, I do like most of the stuff they've directed me to. First off was the simply sublime John Mayer, who as well as being rather pretty, has an incredible talent for telling his stories in his music. OK, he does sound like a cross between Dave Matthews, John Frusciante and Daniel Bedingfield (Work that out if you can), but his music is so pure and heartfelt that he just exudes class. This is the serious shiznit.

The "other solo artists I have been digging today" list.

+ Jack Johnson
+ Howie Day
+ Ben Harper
+ Jason Mraz
+ Ron Sexsmith

Also, Zoe's (time_tells_all) CD's arrived on my doorstep yesterday, much much Bon Jovi was included, but also she'd put in an especially lovely Planet Smashers CD, which is the fun ska. I danced around the house to it earlier when no-one was in. Can we get married now Jamie?

On Monday night I'm going to see Boy Lazarus at The Louie, I'll probably drag Luke along with me. It should be a good laugh, they are rather spiffy, and I even though seemingly Jack hates me, I get on OK with all the other members. Especially Tim Cooper, which is good, seeing as how we've started a political party: Timmunism. If you'd like to join, send your name, age and details of which city you'd like to possess when the revolution comes to this address. Cheers.

To do list:

~ Finish schoolwork
~ Find more new cool music
~ Get rich
~ Be happy
~ Make CD's for Luke and Charlotte
~ Buy more blank CD's
~ Finish books
~ Get a good CD ripper
~ Be cool
~ Think up more things to do

Hmmn. I'd say I need to catch up on my to-doing. I'll catch you all later, providing you throw yourselves at me.


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[03 Nov 2003|11:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Tom is so my best guy (As well as Luke. <333)

Tim says:
I expect a hug you understand.
Tom says:
What, now, or tomorrow?
Tim says:
Tom says:
Of course, you can have a hicky too if you like.
Tim says:
I think I'll pass for the moment.
Tom says:
OK, but if you change your mind the offer is on the table.

I ask you: How do people get the impression that we are gay?

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there's gold in them hills. [02 Nov 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | meglomanical ]

It occured to me sometime yesterday that I should get into some new music.

We were at Luke's, making a band list of all the music that we like. It was so achingly predictable: Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Hundred Reasons, Thrice, nothing that your typical alternative teen wouldn't have heard of and dismissed as not being cool enough. We thought harder: Sigur Rós, Ron Sexsmith, Idle Tuesday, The Paper Chase et al. Still, we aren't really doing anything groundbreaking. There must be a veritable plethora of bands out there that we have collectively never heard of. I got into Ultimate Fakebook by clicking the wrong link in a message board, Linz has been listening to shitloads of The Smiths because Jesse knows they are the shiznit, and Jamie ( xplosive ) has been giving me so much ska I've started skanking in my sleep.

Help us the hell out. We don't care what it is. Bands, solo artists, even freaking orchestras. We like indie. We like emo. We like emotional hardcore. We like finger burningly fast metal. We (I) like ska. We like pop-rock. We like things that are different, interesting, heartfelt, cool and genuine.

Go on, do it for The Metro.

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He's just a family guyyyy.... [29 Oct 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"Duck, Duck, Duck"




"Oh dear, it appears you are the goose. Haha, haha."

Now, look me in the eye and try to tell me honestly that you never wanted to do that when you were at preschool. Anybody?

Stewie is the coolest kid ever.
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